Vinyl Maps for Special Order

Curious Lurkings Goes Vinyl!

Nearly a half decade since my first map went up for sale; Curious Lurkings is back in action. This time we've gone vinyl. 

Due to the size of the map, each map is printed on heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl. It needs to be durable to hold up for multiple players across multiple uses.

Each map is printed individually and made to order. There is no back stock sitting around. You buy, we print. Over the next few months we'll be adding large multiplayer maps with multiple starting areas for purchase. 

Since each map is rather large and printed to order, shipping can not be combined with my other paper maps. At this time these will only be shipped to locations in the USA. In the future we will be looking at shipping internationally just not at this time. 

All maps ship withing two weeks of ordering. 

The Factory Pyramid (4 Feet x 4 Feet on Vinyl)

4 Feet x 4 Feet
1024 Squares
124 Squares of Hindering Terrain
20 Numbered Starting Areas
6 Elevation Levels
Perfect for Superhero Gaming

$100 (including shipping in the USA)