Thursday, June 24, 2010

Map 7 of 26: The Mystic Tower

I've stated in the past that one of my missions has been to create maps that represented certain places from the comic mythos. One such locale I wanted to tackle was the arcane tower of our friendly, neighborhood, gold-helmed mystic. I love the idea of places with vast misleading inner space and while I couldn't exactly create a room whose interior was bigger than its exterior, I could create a unique interior that mimicked that effect.

Originally this map was started years ago when I first purchased Dundjinni and various renditions of this map are saved haphazardly across my hard drive. The map was always intended to be a 36"x36" map and on that big of a map, the tower looks more centered. Tournament play evolving towards the use of narrower maps and the high print costs at my local print shop drove me to make this map the newer narrower width. The Tower sides are narrow but I think that will create some interesting strategic positioning for opposing players.

I also was itching to make an outer space map and this helped sate that urge. Again, I had designed this map long before I had purchased the software I use for post-production; especially adding the colored lines. Had I known adding the terrain lines would be so damn tideous I may not have designed the internal walkway the way I did.

Anyway, thank you for checking out my maps and in a few days I'll be posting a map that will solve one of comic bookdom's greatest mysteries.


One particular man was a huge part of my youth growing up. He was a Marianist brother who taught algebra, physics and computer science where I went to high school. He was full of odd mannerisms and odd sayings. Just to give you a glimpse into his madness, I'll tell you this... he used to cover the classroom windows in aluminum foil to keep the commies from spying on him. One of his better lines will always stick with me.

Excuses, your friends don't need them and your enemies don't believe them.

So I've gone two months without putting up a map. To play catch up, three should be going up in the next week or so. And over the course of the summer you'll see some of the map madness that has been keeping me off board lately including a massive three part connecting map that will knock your eye patch off.

Keep your good eye posted.