Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finally... my personal modding challenge.

For the longest time, I have been considering challenging myself to a personal modding challenge. Originally the concept I was batting around was doing a 52 week challenge where each week I would complete one custom miniature mod from one of the books I read from that Wednesday's new releases. Logistically it became a problem for me to acquire the parts I would need for each week's challenge in under a week. Laziness crept in and the project never got off the ground. I am also about 18 issues behind in most of the books I'm reading!

I've also been toying around with custom maps for the past two years and slowly have been teaching myself the in's and out's of various programs like Dundjinni, Paint Shop Pro, Google Sketch Up and Daz. I have dozens of maps half started. So it seemed logical for me to start to complete my custom maps.

The fuel that really started the fire burning was the Secret Santa exchange I was participating in over at HCRealms. I wanted my first printed map to be my Secret Santa gift. It's recipient loved it and it was well received by the gang at my venue. This was a map of a Nativity scene for Christmas. All the positive compliments I received have really motivated me to push myself further.

So here is my personal challenge... 52 weeks... 26 completed maps. The goal is for me to produce one map every other week. When you consider that my career, family life, new home and responsibilities judging at my local venue all will take time out of my week; one map every two weeks seems daunting to me.

Also at this point, I do not plan to release any of these maps for sale or mass distribution. Especially given the fact that I'd like to challenge myself to make some very specific comic locales. The cost to print a 24x36 map at Kinkos is $44, so actual production of these maps will be limited for my personal use.

So, wish me luck... god speed... and carpe mappum.

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