Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Map 3 of 26: The Blue Atoll

Oof... I am getting seriously behind on the maps. At this point, I should be on Map 4 by Friday and here I am just releasing Map 3. I'm blaming this delay on Rollinsolo at HCRealms who threw out this challenge.

"If you are accepting ideas, I have always wanted a fully water map with scattered islands, each island being no more than 3x3. Good luck with your project and tell your family it's for a great cause."

I was intrigued at how I could accomplish this map as very little of it could be generated with Dundjinni and most aspects would need to be finished post in Paint Shop Pro. I decided to throw progress to the wind and give Rollinsolo's idea a whirl. So what would have been Map 3, a nearly completed shoreline map of Themyscira has been pushed back to Map 4 and hopefully will be previewed by the weekend.

This was a challenge for me getting the water to hit the rock and look at least slightly representative of what it should look like. I'm no artist and chunks of this map were virgin territory for me. Hopefully this passes everyone's expectation with a grade of a high C or better.

Oh... I liked the name the Blue Atoll. Reminded me of naked Brooke Shields and helped get me thru some of its inherent tediousness. I am completely aware this map is not an actual atoll. I'm being a rebel.

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