Sunday, February 6, 2011

An Interesting Graph

Me... I'm a numbers junkie. I like seeing every fact and figure plotted out and regurgitated. And when given the chance, I'm using a pie chart.

In case you haven't heard, I'm selling copies of my first mass produced custom map. One side features my "Dark Alley" map and the other features the Nightclub. The map first went on sale back in November and we're rounding the corner of it being available for nearly three months.

I wanted to take a peek at where the sales have been coming from, so I generated this quick graphic. This represents the maps I sold thru this website and does not reflect any maps that were purchased straight from me at my venue in Delaware. Couple of things jumped out at me.

  • First off, my home state of Pennsylvania. You guys are rocking in the lead with the most maps purchased.
  • Maryland and my Clix for the Cure buddies are coming in strong in second place!
  • New York & New Jersey, beyond being fairly populated, are strangely missing from my sales ledger. What do I need to do to win you fine folks over?
  • All of New England... where are you my friends?
  • Tennessee and Missouri, you guys rock as well!
What's next after this map? I've got the next map primed and ready for the printers. We just need right around 100 more copies of the Dark Alley map sold and I'll have the next one printed .

Thank you all for your support!


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  1. Do you have visual checklists for Brave and Bold?