Thursday, July 8, 2010

Map 8 of 26: Mighty Pants

So I play a lot of games and these games force me into acquiring a lot of stuff. Scientific notation would need to be used to count the point cost of all my painted and unpainted Warhammer 40K figures. I'm currently painting both a 28mm Carthaginian army and a 28mm WWI German army. I have shelves of old D&D, Marvel Saga, & West End Star Wars rules. There are binders full of Overpower and the decipher Star Trek CCG.

And then there are shelves of hero miniature games. The closet is full of colossal, never-biodegrading gaming goodness: two Galacti, one big Spectre, a Starro, a Sinestro, three Sentinels, one Advanced Sentinel, two Anti-Monitors and one Foom.

That's right one... one, big, buck naked Foom. Sure, I'd like me an Orange Foom. I'd like me the purple-panted Foom as well. But I need to make room for Dr. Manhattan and I still have yet to find room for the Great Cthulhu.

But the panted Foom calls me. He adds no different game play. But he's a dragon that wears short shorts. That's silver-aged awesome. I want him so, but the house, garage, attic and basement are stuffed with useless gaming crap.

What I like more about Foom owning pants is that it means there are times when he chooses to wear or not wear pants. Owning pants means you may own a dresser or a closet. They need to be cleaned, hemmed and maintained. I'd venture to say most of us own the commando, unabashed Foom. Many like me may want the more modest Foom as well. Many of you might have questioned where the pants go when he's not wearing them.

So for all you inquisitive and greedy collectors out there, I give you Mighty Pants, a hidden place behind the Great Wall where the Foom can let dangle his great balls.

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