Sunday, July 18, 2010

Map 10 of 26: The Dark Alley

Yup, I'm not on pace to hit 26 maps in 52 weeks. With tonight's submission, I'm about 2 maps behind where I should be. So while my goal is definitely farther away than it should be, it's not out of sight.

One of the playing fields I've wanted to see for a long time is your typical grungy and dark alley. All the good urban heroes tend to bust criminal tail in this environment. You can easily imagine Daredevil, Batman, Spawn or the Green Hornet chasing down some goons on this map.

With only 16 x 24 squares to work with, it's difficult to provide adequate spacing for all the urban nooks and crannies you want to depict. The unique thing about this map is that line of fire from elevated terrain to elevated terrain is unblocked by obstacles, but there isn't a lot of opportunity for unobstructed line of fire from grounded to grounded level.

The other thing I wanted to do was a bit of seediness to this map, so I figured a small adult entertainment center was in order.

The last unusual feature is the placement of the starting zones. I would have liked to drape the starting areas across the top and bottom of this map but the intersections between clear terrain, elevated terrain, and starting areas was difficult to depict.
Oh and one other thing, this map does line up from side to side.

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  1. Well Done. Good Map To Add To Your COllection Of Maps.