Thursday, July 8, 2010

Map 9 of 26: Deadly Cargo

Two maps in one evening!?! What the heck is happening?

So there has been some back log in my mapping. I've got maybe 30 half-started maps in the works. A lot of times I see map requests and I've already got some of the framework started.
A few days ago XFORCE1982 over at HCRealms posted that he was looking for a spaceship map with some alien eggs. I knew I had downloaded some eggs previously from the Dundjinni forums, so I thought this would be one I could knock out of the park.

Dundjinni is great for a lot of things, but seamless tiling is not one of them. Once I exported this as a bitmap out of Dundjinni and into Corel Paint Shop Pro there were hundreds of off kilter lines that had warp outside their respective grid. It took a few nights of work to get this looking tolerable.

Another big dilemma was how to transition the hatches from interior ship to open outer space. I think the way I handled this works and the more transparent lines at the entrances make sense.

So XFORCE1982, I hope this works and maybe if we're lucky XFORCE1982 will take a few pictures of the map in action for the blog!

I'll see you again in a few days!

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