Sunday, August 22, 2010

Map 12 of 26: The Resurrection Pool

If I was on schedule for completing 26 maps in 52 weeks , then this Wednesday I would be posting Map 15. Well here's Map 12 and 13 should be up in a day or two. Map 14 has a lot of touch up work to finish, and Map 15 is about half done. Anything beyond that is still on graph paper and in the planning stages (except for the 3 part Helicarrier map.)

Brave & the Bold gave us loads of League figures and I felt Ra's deserved a map of his own. I wanted to push the Anubis theme that was so prevalent in the 90's Animated Series. I love the whole look of that show. I also wanted to do a map with a strong Egyptian influence and this was the perfect time to bring that into play.
I also wanted to create a perfectly symmetrical map, where no one side had an advantage over the other. While symmetry is important in tournament play. I personally find it boring to play on continuously. I like a map that forces you into making compromises.
One difficult was trying to come up with a grid color that showed up against the floor tiles I wanted to use without the grid becoming too radioactive. The blue/gray lines hopefully will print well, but this may be a work in progress.

The past few maps have also had special terrain areas. I toyed with the idea that the green pool waters would be Water terrain however I felt the pool deserved its own rules. Feel free to send me suggestions. I'll post them here. I'm leaning towards something hideously broken, like characters on their starting click take D6 damage when starting their turn in the pool while characters not on their starting click heal D6-2 when starting their turn in the pool.

I'll have the next map up in a day or two and put the kids to bed before you check here again. The next map goes NC-17.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Very Artistic. However, I Am Not Sure About Superhero Fight Context. You Accidentally Interrupt Ra's al Ghul's Bath Time And He Get's Pissed.