Monday, August 23, 2010

Map 13 of 26: The Nightclub

Oh heck yeah, I've hit the half way point. I'm about 2 maps behind but I feel I can hit my personal goal. With Map 13, we're back to beautiful, unsymmetrical, biased maps.

Let's face it... most of us are not kids playing these expensive miniature games. Sure the companies say they are marketing to children, but most players I meet are pushing 30, balding, and single. So we need a man's map and nothing says "manly" more than a Nightclub with dancing girls and poles and couch rooms.

Like the Dark Alley map, I wanted this map to appear as though it's night time. I wanted to invoke the image of Kingpin or Black Mask sitting at a table when Batman or Daredevil came crashing into the bar.

It was a bit of an artistic liberty to put the dancing girl on the map, but I felt the map wouldn't look right without her. None of the gaming companies print bystanders on their maps so I felt this was a unique leap. I toyed with the idea of not making the bar hindering terrain, but in the end I knew this map would see a ton of play from my Batman Ally team and I wanted to maximize the amount of hindering terrain.

I also wanted to make the couch rooms and bathroom fairly disgusting and I think I have succeeded. My girlfriend was personally grossed out by the stain on the couch. That's a sign of success in my book.

As always, let me know what you think. Hopefully I'll have another map up next week.

Thank you for reading!