Thursday, August 19, 2010

First shots of the printed maps!

I was able to get two maps printed: The Dark Alley and Deadly Cargo. They look great. I'm happy with the visual results. If I ever mass print these, I may add a black border around the perimeter of the map. The Deadly Cargo map, I may need to rework back to square one. Visually the map is impressive. However game play wise, the two symmetrical openings to the ship means that most of the games played on it would have very little chance to roam out of the middle of the map. Oddly I'm no great photographer and I couldn't take a decent photo of either map. Either the camera flash was so bright it made the miniatures look radioactive and toned down the maps colors or it was too dark and the map wasn't visible. On the Dark Alley photos, the elevated terrain lines look orange but in reality are quite red. Anyway, here are some low quality shots for you to enjoy.

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