Monday, November 15, 2010

Maps now available for sale!

That's right! After hundreds of your emails and private messages goading me into mass printing maps, I am officially selling one of my maps. Well... actually two. Now available is the Dark Alley and The Nightclub printed as one double-sided map.

These will start to ship out on Thursday and the price will be $15.00 USD for one shipped in the US and as a break to all those judges trying to stock up for their venues you can get three copies for $35.00 USD. Right now these are just available in the United States however in a week or so, I'll have pricing up for international customers.

If you want to see these maps up close, check here and here.

The Dark Alley

The Nightclub

And guys, I'm not sure this will be a regular thing. I have no real plans to start a business out of this. As my blog followers are aware, this has always been a personal challenge to design twenty six maps in one year. This time last year I would have never thought my dining room would be filled with copies of my work. Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past nine months!

What are you waiting for??? Get buying!


  1. (TheFriendlyFoe on HCRealms) I bought mine! I'm just hoping some of your others will be printed or at least released in an easily printable pdf so we can all use the maps.
    I specifically want the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopter map(s), The WWII Invasion map, Deadly Cargo, and Paradise City.

  2. The helicarrier won't be printed due to the legality of some of the imagery, however a more generic version might be made in the future.

    Thanks for the order!

  3. Received My Map In The Mail. It Is Awesome. The Print Quality is A+. Wonderful.

    Thanks Much!!!