Monday, October 11, 2010

Printing Time!!!

Yo ho ho!

First off! I want to thank everyone who has posted about my customs maps either here, at HCRealms, or sent me a private email. I'm overwhelmed by the support.

My customs map project started as a personal endeavor but is quickly growing beyond that. Since May of 2010 my blog was has received thousands of hits. Blogger allows me to see a wealth of statistics or who is viewing my site and how they are viewing it. I chuckle when I see people have accessed my site from half way round the world or used their Wii to browse my maps. It's all surreal.

Now that I'm receiving daily emails from folks wanting to buy my maps, I'm researching doing a limited double sided print of two of maps. However this a pricey venture I'm considering so I'd like to know who's interested in getting these maps and which maps most interest the community. I have a printer nearly locked (the first two I tried lacked the quality control I was looking for) and I'm hoping to have the first run printed around Thanksgiving.

So add your opinion below or vote at HCRealms if you're a member!

So tell your friends, please vote and, as always, thanks for reading!

Below you'll find a list of potential printing candidates!:

Map 1: The Lost Jungle

Map 2: WWII Invasion

Map3: Blue Atoll

Map 5: Warrior Island

Map 6: Mission Abort

Map 7: The Mystic Tower

Map 8: Mighty Pants

Map 9: Deadly Cargo

Map 10: The Dark Alley

Map 11: Asgard!

Map 12: The Resurrection Pool

Map 13: The Nightclub

Map 14: The Chemical Plant

Map 15: Doomtown

Map 16: Paradise City

Map 17: Pizza Loving, Martial Artist Sewer

Map 18: The Ray Ship

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